Crash landing on you Switzerland filming locations

Crash landing on you Switzerland filming locations.

South Korean Drama become a global hit on Netflix. Since the film was released in 2020, we’ve had a number of guests who wants to visit the filming locations. However, for those who have not heard of the film, these places are still certainly well worth a visit. Surprisingly, these are not touristic places and that’s even better for tourists to discover the real beauty of Switzerland.

This romantic drama Crash Landing On You is filmed in the Interlaken region of Switzerland, with key scenes set on Iseltwald’s picturesque pier as well as nearby Sigriswil and Lungern.

Iseltwald, Lake Brienz, Switzerland

This place is very popular for locals in Summer and always check the last bus and ferry times. 

🎬 In episode 3, Ri Jeong-hyeok poignantly reminisces his time playing the piano in solitude on this wooden “stage” built on the picturesque Lake Brienz.

📍 Strandhotel, Am Strand 77, 3807 Iseltwald

🚌 Take the SBB/CFF to Interlaken Ost Station, then hop on bus no. 103 to Iseltwald, Dorfplatz. It takes only 20 mins. 


Panoramabrücke Sigriswil

This bridge is beautiful, and the entry fee is CHF 8 per person. If you have a tourist card from Thun, you can get a 50% reduction. 

🎬 In episode 4, while taking photos of the Bernese Alps on Sigriswil Panoramic Bridge, Jeong-hyeok spots an anxious Se-ri—a complete stranger to him at the time.

📍 Sigriswil Panorama Bridge offers a breathtaking view of the Thun Lake and the Alps. Raftstrasse 31-33, 3655 Sigriswil

🚌 Take the train (SBB/CFF) to Thun Station then hop on bus no. 25 to Sigriswil, Dorf; the bridge is a 5-minute walk from there

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Lake Lungern, Obwaldend

It’s a small local village with a stunning lake. 

🎬 This picturesque lake appears at the very end of the final episode where Jeong-hyeok arrives while Se-ri is preparing for a picnic on the meadow.

📍 Lake Lungern, it takes only an hour from Interlaken Ost. 

🚌: 6078, Lungern, Obwalden


Like Se-ri from the film, you can paraglide with us in Interlaken. It will offer you the ultimate joy and happiness. We guarantee you that you also get a beautiful ending like the film. 

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