Paragliding tandem flight in winter

When is the best weather to do a Paragliding tandem flight in Switzerland and what would be the best time of the year to this in Interlaken? We get this question quiet often but it is really hard to answer.

Because every time of the year has its delightful times. What makes the winter special to do a tandem flight in Interlaken when you are flying above the snowcapped mountains?

Paragliding Interlaken in Winter

Anyone who has been to the Swiss Alps in winter knows how beautiful the landscape can look like. For sure it is on of the coldest times of the year but with the right outfit you don’t need to worry and you can enjoy a Paragliding  tandem flight as well.

If you are deciding on the spot to take part in that activity in Interlaken then you can also get the right winter clothing from us. When you are checking in at our Base in the center of Interlaken you could get skipants and hiking shoes at no extra cost. On the 20 minute ride up to the mountain you will get all instruction from the pilots and you could also get a Windstopperjacket and some gloves from us.

Winterflug in Interlaken mit Simon

After arriving at our take off field in Beatenberg you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the snocapped mountains of the Jungfrauregion and you will not regret that you have chosen to take part in this activity in Switzerland. And the best is still to come: Just run a few meter with the pilot down the hill and you are already starting to glide high above the winterwonderland of the Swiss Alps.

If you want to get some more impressions from our winter flight then you should check out our latest youtube video here.

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