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Paragliding Interlaken Ltd. is Switzerland`s leading expert in tandem paragliding flights. Our team of highly qualified and professional pilots, together with our trusted partners for many further outdoor adventures, make sure to give you the experience of a lifetime. Leave your routine behind, expand your horizon and enjoy the rush of a physical and mental challenge.

Summer or winter, in water or on snow, through the air or on the ground: Interlaken`s prime adventure location in the center of the Swiss Alps gives us easy access to the best natural playground in Europe. Whether you are an independent traveler, a family or a company, we look forward to sharing with you our love for the outdoors and our passion for adventure.

What do I have to bring?

We recommend wearing clothes adequate to the weather. It is important to wear solid shoes. We also borrow you shoes and wind stopper jackets free of charge.

All other materials (helmet, etc.) necessary for the flight are handed over by the pilot to you.

Can I wear glasses during the flight?

It is no problem to wear glasses during the flight. In particular, if the weather is sunny, we recommend bringing sunglasses. 

All other materials (helmet, etc.) necessary for the flight are handed over by the pilot to you.

When will I be collected at the meeting point?

The time you booked is also the time you are collected at the meeting point. Please understand that short delays can occur as our drivers have to collect people at different meeting points.

After the flight, will you bring me back to the place I was collected?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a return trip to the meeting points. However, as we land in the centre of Interlaken, all hotels and train stations are in walking distance.

Is there any possibility to deposit my luggage?

You can deposit and pick up your luggage after the flight at our desk.

Are there any parking options at the meeting point?

There are many fee-based parking lots in the close environment of our meeting point on the high route.

Can I pay cash or by credit card on site?

If you have a reservation, you can pay by credit card or cash on site.  Only banknotes of the following foreign currencies are accepted: euros, British pounds and American dollars.

How do I get my photos?

Depending on the pilot, the pictures will be transferred directly to your phone after the paragliding flight or you will receive a download link. If you have not booked the photo service prior to your flight, you can still buy it on site.

Am I allowed to bring my own camera?

If it is a small digital camera (width max. 11 cm x height max. 7 cm x depth 4 cm – and the objective cannot be removed) or it is a Gopro, you can use it during the flight. The pilot will secure it at the harness.  Selfie sticks are not allowed!

How can i redeem a coupon?

You can redeem a coupon on the phone or by e-mail. Please let us know the date you wish to fly and the number of the coupon (If it is a coupon of a portal, please also indicate the name of the portal) and we will book your flight.

What is the minimum age for a tandem flight?

Children must be at least 5 years old and have a declaration of consent from their parents.  However, the minimum weight is 30 kg.

What is the maximum weight for a paragliding flight?

The maximum weight is 100 kg. If you weigh more than 80 kg, please do not book flights after 16.30 h (during the wintertime after 15.15 h).

What happens if the weather is bad and the flight cannot take place?

If the flight cannot take place due to bad weather conditions, we will try to find an alternative date together with you or we will cancel the flight and reimburse the full price.

Is there any possibility to have a female pilot?

Yes, this is possible on certain days. However, it cannot be booked online. In this case please send your inquiry to [email protected] or just call us. 

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