Winter paragliding Interlaken Q&A

  Can I go paragliding during the winter in Switzerland? Is it safe to fly in Winter? What do I need to bring with me? We often receive a lot of questions when it comes to paragliding in Winter. In this post, we will review everything you need to know about winter paragliding Interlaken.

 Can I go paragliding during the winter?

Yes, Paragliding in winter is easily doable. Very often, air will be dense and stable. Crisp cold air, blue sky and snowy ground – what a dreamy winter day in the Alps. 

 Is it safe to fly in winter?

Tandem paragliding with an experienced instructor is very safe no matter the season you want to fly. The equipment we use is tested and certified according to the European norm after passing stringent tests for the material and flight behavior to ensure the highest safety. 

 Paragliding Interlaken is the first tandem company in Switzerland. Our professional pilots are experts at assessing the weather and will only fly in safe conditions and wind.  If the weather conditions are not appropriate for a flight, our team will decide to postpone or cancel the flight.  Our desk team will contact you as soon as possible, so please provide us with your correct phone number and email address.

What should I bring or wear? In Winter, the air is cold during the flight. As a rule of thumb, layers are better than wearing thick items. Make sure you have some water, windproof top layer and gloves. Footwear is also very important as you will need good ankle support. Hiking boots are a good option. When there’s a lot of snow in the mountains, your shoes still keep you dry. If you don’t have good shoes, don’t worry.  We can provide you with a pair of thick pants and hiking boots free of charge.   

 Once you book your flight with us, you will arrive at our warm and cozy shop. See you in beautiful winter! 

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