The Best 3 “Must-Have Apps” for Traveling to Switzerland

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, here are the top 3 free apps you need to know before traveling. With these apps, your travel would be half way easier 😉

1 - meteo swiss

“What will the weather be like tomorrow in Jungfrau?” or “When is the best time to book that bucket list Paragliding?

Prepare for Swiss weather in advance!

The app usually shows up to 6 days in advance, which is pretty accurate, especially in Switzerland, where the weather can make or break a trip. You can check the wind, precipitation, hourly temperature, and even see real-time weather changes on the radar. The best part of the app is that you can add your own cities and destinations, which is really handy because you can add the areas you want to visit in advance, so you know where and how to travel according to the weather. 

2 - sbb

“How do I get from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch?” or “What time will I arrive in Interlaken from Zurich airport?”

Solve Swiss transportation once and for all!

You can type in your exact destination or the address of the hotel you want to go to and it will give you directions, just like Google Maps. Locals use Google Maps to find buildings, but this app is their go-to for transportation. Personally, it’s my go-to app when I need to use public transportation from Interlaken to any other cities or even within Interlaken. 

If you don’t have a Swiss Pass, this app is even more useful as it allows you to buy tickets at a discount!

If you have a Swiss Pass, this is the best app to use when looking for connections. It lets you know when platforms change and allows you to move around the timetable.

3 - easy park

Parking fees, no coins, just apps!

For those of you traveling with a rental car, it’s very difficult to find free parking in Switzerland, so you’ll have to find a pay station and pay with coins every time you park. This is where this app comes in handy, as you can download it in advance and pay with a swipe at the parking lot. Just link your credit card in advance and scan the QR code of the kiosk in the parking lot. Save your car’s license plate number and swipe away. One swipe when you arrive and you’re good to go! 

Just make sure your phone is always charged!

We’ve found the three apps that make your trip to Switzerland 

more comfortable and enriching.

See you in beautiful Switzerland 🙂

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