All you need to know about Interlaken Jungfrau Ski Region

It’s that time of year again, when the cold air is blowing in Switzerland and the mountains are turning from green to white.

The snow came a little early this year, and we’re already seeing people out skiing on the weekends. Today we’re going to dig into all things skiing in the Jungfrau region!

Ski area opening date

The Jungfrau ski area can be divided into three main areas. Kleine Scheidegg&Männlichen in the center, Grindelwald-First on the left side of the map, and Schilthorn on the far right. Let’s take a look at the opening&closing dates for each area!

Kleine Scheidegg: 02.12.2023 – 28.04.2024

Männlichen: 09.12.2023 – 07.04.2024

First: 16.12.2023 – 01.04.2024

Schilthorn: 09.12.2023 – 21.04.2024


ski pass price(in swiss francs)

recommended slopes

  • Beginners and intermediates

Männlichen – Männlichen has generally wider slopes than the others, so it’s great for beginners and anyone new to skiing on the Jungfrau region or in Switzerland. It’s also super accessible, with a cable car that goes directly to Männlichen from the new ‘Grindelwald terminal’!

Kleine Scheidegg – Kleine Scheidegg is a favorite for many people because it has a good mix of beginner and advanced runs. The beginner slopes are easy to find from the train station, but there aren’t plenty of beginner slopes, so always check the color of the slopes(blue for beginners) and start skiing slowly. The best part of the Kleine Scheidegg is probably the lifetime run from the Kleine Scheidegg to all the way down Grindelwald. For some people, this is their main reason for skiing on the Jungfrau, so it’s a must-do regardless of difficulty!

First – Slopes in First are just as varied as the Kleine Scheidegg and you’ll find plenty of beginner slopes all the way up. However, the descent from First to Grindelwald is mostly intermediate to advanced, so if you’re not confident enough, you can ski in First and then take the cable car back down!

Grindelwald Bodmi Arena – If you’ve never skied before but want to learn in Switzerland, or if you just want to give it a try, this is definitely the place to go. It’s where Swiss kids learn to ski, and it’s great for beginners because the lessons and slopes are separated, but there’s also a long slope that you can’t ignore, so you can spend the morning getting your feet wet and then hit the slopes in the afternoon. Plus, the BodmiArena doesn’t require a ski pass to get in, but just the entrance fee!

  • Advanced skiers

 If you think that you are advanced enough, the above areas can be run as a warm-up. The real fun begins here!

Schilthorn – The Schilthorn is home to some of the steepest slopes in Europe. It’s so dizzying to look at that not everyone dares to tackle it, but if you’re really up for a challenge, it’s definitely worth a try. You’ll probably get an adrenaline rush on the way down!

First – When you get to the top of First, you’ll see several slopes that go all the way down from First to Grindelwald. These slopes are not recommended for beginners because it’s more difficult than you think, but for those who are confident, it’s a must-do. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to ski in the great Swiss outdoors. You’ll be in awe. 

Tip) When you come down the slopes from First, you’ll find the “Bus Stop” bar. Switzerland has a great apres-ski culture where you can have a drink right after skiing because all the ski areas close at 4pm, so you’ll often find people in their ski clothes at these bars, drinking outdoors at the end of the day. Try to blend in with the Swiss and enjoy a beer or warm drinks at a ski bar!

Kleine Scheidegg – Take the gondola from the new Grindelwald terminal to Eigergletscher station, then you’ll see the ski slopes as soon as you get off. From there you can ski down to the Kleine Scheidegg, which has a beginner’s run. However, the slopes from the Eigerglacher to the Kleine Scheidegg are very narrow and steep, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, but it’s definitely doable for advanced skiers. 

Plus, the cable car from Grindelwald is faster and more accessible, so if you’re an experienced skier, you can take the cable car directly. You can also reach “Lauberhorn” from Kleine Scheidegg, which hosts a ski race every year and attracts people from all over the world. If you have time, it’s worth checking out there too!

directions(From interlaken east station)

ski rental shops

📍 Interlaken

Outdoor Switzerland

The address: Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken


📍 Grindelwald

Outdoor Grindelwald shop&cafe

The address: Dorfstrasse 103, 3818 Grindelwald

Buri Sports

The address: Dorfstrasse 181, 3818 Grindelwald

Intersport(in Grindelwald Terminal)

The address: Grundstrasse 54, 3818 Grindelwald


tips for non-skiers

If you’re traveling to the Jungfrau region in winter and you’re not a skier, there are plenty of other activities that will allow you to enjoy the region to the fullest.

Check out our list of other activities here!

See you in beautiful white Winterlaken 🙂

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