Best Spots on Rainy Days around Interlaken

When the weather is bad in Switzerland especially in Jungfrau Region, there is really not so many choices because it is not the best idea to go to the Alps for the great landscapes in rainy or cloudy days.

Whether it’s the Jungfrau, Zermatt, or the Schilthorn, it could be a frustrating experience. 

Here are the tips that we all can enjoy in the rainy days!

St. Beatus-Höhlen, BEATUS Wellness- & Spa-Hotel

The Beatus Spa Hotel is located about 30 minutes from Interlaken West Station, and as you can see from my last post on spa hotels, it has one of the most beautiful views of any spa hotel near Interlaken.(It is actually really nice even it’s sunny :)) 

Spa is one of the best option for rainy days for sure!

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If you leave the spa early and have some time left, check out the Beatus Cave on your way back to Interlaken! It’s about a 12-minute from the hotel by bus, and it’s full of fascinating legends from the area. The short version is that a monk named “Beatus” chose the cave for his retreat, but then he encountered a fearsome dragon that had already taken up residence in the cave. The monk, unable to walk away, slayed the dragon and it disappeared into Lake Thun. You can see the monk at the entrance, and as you enter the cave, a mysterious aura surrounds you as you go deeper and deeper into the cave.

[How to get to the Beatus Spa Hotel & Caves]

🚌From Interlaken West Station, take a bus #21 and get off at “Merligen, Beatus”. From the bus stop, it’s about a 2-minute walk to the hotel. You can either go through the hotel entrance, or take a short left from the main entrance of the hotel and you’ll find the door leading down to the spa reception.

To get to the cave from the hotel, go in the opposite direction you got off and take the same bus(#21) and get off at “Beatushöhlen”.

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The Aareschlucht is a glacial gorge which is 1,400m long and 200m deep natural wonder. When it rains, the gorge is very impressive with its mystical atmosphere so it is a perfect getaway in a rainy days. Its accessibility makes it perfect for the family travelers too!

Open to the public since 1888 in well-preserved areas, the Aareschlucht lies between Meiringen and Innertkirchen.

Find out about opening hours and price

[How to get to Aareschlucht from Interlaken]

🚂 You’ll need to take the train from Interlaken to Meiringen and then change trains again in Meiringen.

Aareschlucht is divided into two stations, Aareschlucht West and Aareschlucht Ost. (Like buses, this train has a stop button to get off) And you can get off at Aareschlucht West!

Tip: If you’ve traveled all the way to Meiringen, be sure to stop for a bite at Ilfa, Meiringen’s only Asian restaurant! Always packed with locals, it’s a great place for sushi and other Asian food!

Restaurant Location (Ilufa)

night sledding

It would be a shame to miss out on an activity on a gloomy day. Night sledding is largely weather-independent, so it is tended to go ahead as long as there’s no heavy snowfall or storm. If you’re still feeling energized in the early evening and need an adrenaline rush, night sledding is a must!

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The spot where the main character of “Crash Landing on you” played the piano has become a “Hot Spot”….⭐(If you really want to take a picture there, you can pay 5 francs to get in!) But it’s worth visiting at least once, not just the background, but Iseltwald itself is a small Swiss town attached to the lake shore, and the atmosphere you see while walking around makes you realize that it’s really Switzerland again. 

To get to the lakeside, take the bus #103 from Interlaken East Station and get off at the last stop and you’ll see a playground right in front of you. Walk across the playground and you’ll see the backdrop of the famous spot. Walk to the right along the lakeshore and you’ll see the hotel restaurant. In the summer, you can sit outside in a terrace with a beer and watch the scenery and feel all the stress melt away!

[How to get to Iseltwald from Interlaken]

🚌From Interlaken East Station, take bus #103 and get off at “Iseltwald Dorfplatz”.

Bern city or Westside

The entire city of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so even if you just walk around the city center, you’ll be surrounded by Swiss style fountains, clock towers, and other UNESCO charms. Thus, it’s definitely worth it even on a ugly weather day. 

If you don’t want to do anything outdoors, “Westside” is highly recommended, which is a complex center with a swimming pool, movie theater, and shopping mall. There are a variety of restaurants here, including Turkish, Italian, and Japanese restaurants, so you can have a quick lunch or dinner without going outside. 

If you’re looking for a Japanese (?) or Thai (?) style restaurant with an upscale gin feel, be sure to check out “NOOCH” on the Westside. Everything from the decor to the food is interesting, so it’s both fun to look at and fun to eat! 

NOOCH Restaurant Menu

[How to get to the Westside from Interlaken]

🚂Take the train from Interlaken West Station to Bern, make one change in Bern, get off at “Bern Brünnen Westside” and the big building directly across the street is the Westside!

If you want to go paragliding but are worried about the weather, we totally understand.

The weather in Interlaken changes so often that it’s hard to trust even the weather forecast.

Don’t panic! We have “24hours cancellation policy”, so you can change or cancel your reservation 24 hours before your trip time without any additional fees!

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So see you in beautiful Swiss Alps!! 🙂

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