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Top 5 Winter Activities in Interlaken for Adventurers

Check out the best adventures to take on from December to February

Paragliding in Interlaken between ice mountains
Paragliding in Interlaken between ice mountains

Less than one hour away from Bern, carved in the middle of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by the turquoise-colored Lake Thun and Brienz, the idyllic town of Interlaken is a nest of astonishing views and landscapes on Winter. It’s packed with a full array of adventurous outdoor activities and extremes of emotion even in the colder season. If you are in search of some adrenaline rush, check out these awesome things to do that you can’t miss out while visiting this Helvetic paradise:

Paragliding on Winter

paragliding interlaken on Winter
paragliding interlaken on Winter

If you consider yourself a true thrill-seeking adventurer, there’s no better away to contemplate the mesmerizing beauty of the Alps on Winter, other than gliding and riding airstreams above Interlaken’s most known peaks: Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch. This colossal scenery is Switzerland’s signature outdoor activity destination.

Helicopter Skydiving

Helicopter Skydive over Swiss Alps
Helicopter Skydive over Swiss Alps

Take a breath before jumping, because as you’ll be diving full speed towards snow covered heaven your heart will be rushing a full blow of adrenaline through your body. Parachutes open and you now lay in gentle glide, all the excitement generated by the freefall is taken over by pure awe. For the next 7 minutes, just enjoy the journey over magical Swiss winter wonderland, as soon after you’ll be safely landing and probably wanting some more of what you just had.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing in Switzerland
Skiing in Switzerland

December holds the perfect spot in the season for those seeking the ultimate Winter experience in Interlaken. Resort and skiing stations are a trademark of adventure snow sports.
But if you never laid foot on frozen lands before, fear not. There are experienced professionals to guide beginners, teaching the best techniques to ride the white faced mountains down.

Winter Kayak

If heights aren’t your thing but you still crave for some direct contact with Mother Nature, gather your friends and head to the crystalline waters of Lake Brienz, which is the perfect spot for kayaking at this time of the year. In the middle of the tour, take a break for some tea and biscuits by the lakeside and recharge your batteries with the beauty of this outstanding scenario.


Sledding sure sounds awesome by default. But can you imagine the thrill of racing your friends downhill throughout the Alps of Interlaken, on tracks sculptured in snow, while the sun has long been gone? Emotion and excitement await at every corner on this hour long run. At the end, who wouldn’t fancy some traditional Swiss fondue to warm yourself up again?


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