Travel apps for Switzerland, BEST 5! UPDATE 2022

We selected the best 5 Travel apps for Switzerland

Here are the top 5 free apps that will make your trip to Switzerland smoothly!

1. MeteoSwiss

Unfortunately, the result of Google weather can be very different from the real weather in Switzerland. However, this country’s official app will keep you up to date. You can even check the speed of wind, precipitation, and hourly temperature. The biggest advantage of this app is you can save your listed destination. When you subscribe to weather warnings, it can be sent as push notifications to your phone.

2. SBB Mobile

‘How do I get to the Jungfraujoch from here?’

This app from SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) allows you to check timetables and buy train, bus and ship tickets on the move. Also, the timetable is accurate, and they even marked if the train is delayed. That’s rarely happened.

If you have a Swiss travel pass, this is the best app to use for connecting transportations and which platform you should be at.

3. Star Walk 2

‘That looks like the Big Dipper, where is the Polaris?’

Switzerland’s nights are clear, and it’s a fun activity you can do in the evening. When you turn on this app and bring it to the sky, it informs you of the details of the sky in real time. The constellation app is known for its quality. You can also learn about astronomical knowledge and get various information up to dates. You can even search for stars, planets, asteroids, comets, and even space stations. Discover the world of space while searching for stars on a quiet Swiss night.

4. SwitzerlandMobility

‘I’m lost in the mountain, where should I go?’

Using the app allows you to download and store maps for use when you don’t have mobile signal, and store details including hiking time, elevation, distance and altitude. The map offers the marked hiking trail (60,000 km), including 32,000 km of the signed cycling routes (domestic, regional and provincial).

5. EasyPark

Traveling by car is easy in Switzerland, but most of the time you have to pay the parking fee with coins. This is the app by saving both time and money, while eliminating the hassles and stress involved with parking in urban areas.

Simply download the app, set up an account and add a valid payment method. Then check where you’re parking and swipe to start the timer. Then, when you’re back to the car, you can swipe again and pay it. You need an internet connection, and please make sure you have enough battery. Otherwise, you could end up paying quite a lot!

We’ve rounded up 5 essential apps that will make your Switzerland trip more comfortable and enriching.

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